Happy May the 4th!

In honor of everyone’s fave sci fi movies, let’s take a look at how many Sith are currently active on NFL rosters!

On the big screen, it’s usually pretty obvious who the Siths are. They’re a little sneakier in real life, but if you know what to look for, you can spot them easily!

Next time the players take the field, look closely at their jerseys and see which players have a Darth Vader patch.

JJ Watt, Cardinals Defensive End, is likely the Sith Master as he has the longest tenure; he was inducted in 2017.

Look closely at the jersey! Also note the lightsaber disguised as a Gatorade bottle. Smooth move, JJ Watt!

We’ve all seen the movies and know there are only supposed to be two Sith. But we guess they’ve gotten better at succession planning because JJ Watt seems to have two apprentices; both Calais Cambell (now of the Baltimore Ravens) and Russell Wilson (now of the Denver Broncos) have a Darth Vader patch.

Have a happy Star Day and never forget the famous words of Captain Kirk: he who comes forth with a fifth on the fourth will not come forth on the fifth.

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