Tweets That Foreshadowed Retirement of Villanova Basketball Coach

Longtime Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright, who led the Villanova Wildcats to the Final Four this year, shocked the internet this week by announcing his retirement.

Villanova alumni and fans poured through Coach W’s twitter, searching for clues that their beloved coach was planning to retire.

Here are the tweets where Jay Wright implied that he might consider retiring this year.

Hmmmm. If you squint, you can see it.
We guess?
What did you eat, Coach W?
He used the retirement hashtag, but we just don’t buy it.
Dude, you don’t have time for Netflix or family, you have coaching to do!
#blessed to coach a winning bball team for sure!
Wait, what’s going on? Basketball practice?

Where were you when you heard about Coach Jay Wright’s retirement? Comment below!

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