Behind the Scenes: Recruiting the Audience at the Phoenix Open

What could be more engrossing than a Behind the Scenes Golf story?

If you watched your local news, you undoubtedly saw cool videos of the crowd who started gathering at midnight on Friday night in anticipation of sitting outside in the Arizona heat all day Saturday to watch a riveting round of golf!

Those college chums should have read the fine print before jotting this event on their dance cards!

The bigs that wig over at the Phoenix Open Official Golf Committee hung up flyers around college campuses in the Phoenix area to recruit the hardest partying crowd. They needed the folks who would enjoy enough adult beverages to get PUMPED for some high-flying, heart-pounding GOLF ACTION! YEAH!!! Hole in one, baby!! Talkin’ eagles, talkin’ par, talkin’ birdies. Hey, gimme another Coors Light! YEAH!! Five over par! WOOOOOOO!

If you thought playing golf was a blast, try WATCHING it!

For every beer you drink, the action-packed sport of golf gets 10 times more exciting! (Better cut yourself off at 50 beers, though. Any more and your brain might IMPLODE from how many INSANE JAW-DROPPING small white balls roll serenely into a hole in the ground.

If you think you can party hard enough to watch the Phoenix Open in person, you’re wrong and you need to start training for 2023 today!

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