NFL Ends Ban on Alternate Helmets

Your fave team is going to look different sometimes next year!

After some consideration, the NFL has announced that teams are allowed to have “alternate helmets” for players. This might not seem like a huge deal; after all, teams have alternate jerseys like throwback old-timey jerseys or bumblebee costumes that they wear on special occasions.

But let’s take a look at what led up to the rule that limited teams to one helmet per player.

Just like the ones you see in the stands!

The first straw was the Green Bay Packers throwback “helmets.” A callback to the old days 100 years ago when the Acme Packers strapped 100% Wisconsin cheddar to their heads to cushion the impact. (Bonus: it doubled as a half-time snack!) But not exactly what the NFL had in mind to promote player safety.

Tres chic!

The Seattle Seahawks are known for their stylish green uniforms and the neat seahawk that flies around the stadium. In an effort to appeal to even more residents of the Pacific Northwest, the Seahawks incorporated trendy fedoras as their extra special alternate helmet. Coincidentally, the Seahawks hold the Guinness World Record for most concussions in a single game!

lmao got ’em

The nail in the coffin for alternate helmets came when teams started using their helmets as a medium for trash talk. Big rivalries, like the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, often featured helmets painted with insults to the opposing team. The final coffin that broke the camel’s back was when the Browns drew wieners on their helmets to distract their Ohio rival. Keep it PG here, people, there are kids watching!

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