Best known players for Suns, Lakers prior to NBA careers

There are a lot of big names in the NBA Playoffs–and some of these gentlemen were famous before starting their stints in the NBA league! Tune in tonight as the Lakers take on the Suns in Phoenix, and you can catch these two stars on opposite ends of the court!

The Suns shocked the world last year when they signed C-3PO. Most people figured the famous droid would just want to retire after saving the galaxy. And honestly, we all thought he would be more of a Human Resources guy. But he led the Suns to 51 wins during the regular season, so we guess he can add “basketball” to his already robust resume!

Starting for the Lakers is former president Lyndon B. Johnson. Long-thought to be deceased, LBJ has apparently made a comeback, leaving the messy world of politics to play professional basketball. Just goes to show you’re never too old to learn a new skill! Best of luck with your new career, Mr. President!

LBJ drives to the hoop while the Little Beagles double-team Deandre Ayton.

Don’t miss Game 5 between the Suns and Lakers!

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