Coach’s Challenges Gaining Popularity

The Coach’s Challenge has been a feature of the NFL for 20 years. This season, after much lobbying by pro coaches, the Coach’s Challenge has finally been introduced to the NBA.

If a football coach throws a flag and the camera doesn’t zoom in on it, did it really happen?

We can expect it to take awhile for the basketball coaches to get used to this novelty. They’re like kids with a new toy. On opening night, Lakers coach Frank Vogel challenged the Clippers Mascot’s t-shirt canon, just because he could. Clippers coach Doc Rivers did one better and challenged the existence of half time entertainment. “The fans want to be able to use the restroom and grab some food without worrying about missing something spectacular.” Great point, Coach.

Although they’re having a blast with their new challenge rule, NBA coaches are still slightly disappointed that they only get one challenge while their peers in the NFL get two. A petition is circulating to receive one challenge per half.

They are also asking to be given the “cool red flags” that NFL coaches get. Big Basketball claims that because of the narrowness of NBA sidelines and material of the court, the flags would be a slipping hazard for the players. “Just another excuse,” Coach Rivers lamented. “Trying to suck all the fun out of coaching.”

Tripping penalty followed by the Budweiser NHL Injury Time Out.
Budweiser: It Hurts Less With a Cold Bud in Your Hand.

Red challenge flags are no longer used in hockey due to player injuries.

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